Dmitri Mirakyan

Full stack middle-manager.

Living (mostly) in NYC 🍎

Currently tinkering on


Stuff I built
yourmove ai - ai texting assistant - ai writer for dating app profiles - niche legal research SAS site
decision-bot - GPT3/Slack integration in a (poor) attempt at making myself redundant as a manager

Dating apps suck; AI can help - Newsweek Op-Ed that wound up on the front page
Argentine steak, a love story
Analytics is a Solved Problem - working backwards from the outcome approach to analytics
Interview math: maximizing signal and asymmetric risk - lessons learned from 150 interviews
Top ETH Traders - crypto data journalism bit. Written for MilkRoad, comissioned by Luabase
Frameworks for a quarterlife crisis - career planning for avoiding getting trapped in a local minimum

NPR did a segment about my app
Washington Post Welcome to the age of automated dating
Wall Street Journal can you flirt better than AI?
Ken's Nearest Neighbors Podcast using GPT3 to automate dating and work
Futirisity Podcast using GPT3 to automate dating and work
Beyond 2021 Conference Rise of the Analytics Engineer

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The best way to reach me is via email or LinkedIn